Using a mobile to make a payment on Latpay's all-in-one terminal

Case Study: Academy Football of Australia

“Latpay’s payments solutions streamlined our event operations, more than we what expected. Their responsiveness, expertise and willingness to deliver a solution that met our needs was second to none. With an easy-to-use interface and pre-event training our staff we’re equipped to transact with customers without any interruption.” Taryn Event Coordinator



With less than two weeks until our on-site event at Kokoda, we needed a fast, local and convenient solution to facilitate onsite payments and ease of reconciliation. No previous payment infrastructure was in place, our staff were inexperienced, and this was the first year we were participating in Kokoda, it was all new to us.

We had over 45 volunteers lined up for the two-day event, who would all be working remotely at various stations and would be regularly switching in and out as their shifts start and end. 

We needed this event to be successful so that our fundraising efforts for the 80+ boys and girls who train at our club could go on an exclusive training field trip to New Zealand.



Through a discovery consultation with Latpay, they were able to pinpoint our exact transactional and reconciliation requirements. They also identified requirements of ours, we didn’t even know we needed. 


Their responsiveness and expertise equipped our workforce with hire solutions of:

  • 5 Terminal Devices
  • 5 Power Banks
  • 5 Mobile Devices (set up and all ready to go)


They had our account set up, verified and ready for payments in just a matter of days. Pre-event training was provided to our team and event onsite support.

For ease of reconciling Latpay separated our reconciliation into two separate accounts:

01 – Account > For regular membership

02 – Account > Kokoda Parking / Fundraising 


This meant that we had full transparency without any manual reporting or intervention to know how much funds have been generated at this event, but also for any future events with our secondary account (02) able to be swapped out p/event.



On Friday 17th July, we launched our inaugural Fundraising Event at Kokoda. With our 48 volunteers across the two days, we seamlessly transacted with customers at our sausage sizzle, paid car park and at our stall. With pre-event training, all devices configured, and equipment solutions made available for hire, Latpay equipped us with everything that we needed for the event to be successful.

We were one of the only vendors at Kokoda able to accept card payments. This was a huge benefit for our customers who didn’t always have cash available.

Transitioning between volunteers shifts, was easy and seamless with minimal time spent setting up new volunteers. 

We have also found that with the flexibility to add an accurate transaction description, from the addition of a secondary account, we have had significantly fewer chargebacks and disputed transactions than our everyday operations.

Latpay is working on a solution to accept smartpayments (digital wallets) which will only benefit their terminal devices as well as being able to accept eftpos transactions.

Find out how Latpay’s customisable payment solutions can support your club, association and organisation. Make an enquiry today!

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How to prevent chargebacks

Knowing what a chargeback is and understanding how it works can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to break down chargebacks and provide you with solutions to avoid them.


What is a chargeback?

A chargeback, or a payment dispute, is a transaction reversal that occurs when a cardholder disputes authorising a payment or deems a transaction fraudulent. An investigation will then be actioned, and if you, as the merchant, cannot prove the cardholder authorised the transaction, the bank will withdraw the funds from your account and deposit them back into the cardholder’s account.


What causes a chargeback?

Unfortunately, there can be a variety of reasons that may cause a chargeback. Here are just some of the possible causes for issuing a chargeback:


  • No authorisation
  • Duplicate payment
  • Incorrect transaction amount
  • Incorrect currency code
  • Merchant fraud
  • Late presentment
  • Processing or authorisation errors


What are the impacts of chargebacks on merchants?

When a chargeback is initiated and the transaction is withdrawn from your account, there can be several impacts on you and your business. These are just some examples: 


  • Loss of income, even if you’ve already provided the goods or services
  • You may be liable for chargeback fees, which in some cases can equal up to two and a half times the original transaction amount
  • Chargeback to transaction ratios exceeded, which can result in lengthy mitigation programs
  • In extreme cases, loss of your accounts due to too many chargebacks


How can you avoid chargebacks?

To avoid paying excessive fees on top of the loss of the transaction income, you should look for ways to prevent chargebacks in the first place. 

In many cases, the best and easiest way to avoid chargebacks is to ensure that you follow the proper transaction procedures. Latpay provides merchant payment solutions tailored to specific business needs with dedicated ongoing support, chargeback management and analysis, fraud retina and a shared approach to help manage risk.

With industry knowledge and an excellent merchant payment system on your side, you can avoid the issue of chargebacks before they become a problem for your business.

If you’re a merchant looking for a reliable and safe payment system, get in touch today. Our team of experts would love to help you find the best solution for your needs.

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Credit Card Fraud in Australia

As technology continues to improve, fraudsters have become more creative in the way they target individuals and businesses. In 2019, Australians lost over $634 million to scammers (ACCC, 2019). This number is up 30% on 2018 figures.

Rather than the traditional methods of asking someone to provide their sensitive information, fraudsters now have improved technology and carefully curated techniques that help them commit fraud with minimal risk of detection.


Fraud Techniques

As we move closer towards a cashless society, credit card fraud is becoming more prevalent and there are a number of methods fraudsters can use to steal another person’s funds.

Fraudsters used advanced techniques and one of the most effective and efficient means of credit card fraud is card testing. Card testing involves physically stealing a number of credit cards, purchasing credit cards from the dark web, randomly generating credit card numbers or using phishing or spyware techniques to obtain a card’s numbers. The core purpose of testing is not the purchase of an item but to verify the card details are valid and if the transaction was approved.

Fraudsters have now also created a means to commit illegal activity on a much greater scale, in the form of botnets. Botnets are a network of internet-connected devices that can validate a huge number of credit cards at an alarming rate. Botnets submit a large number of transactions to test the viability of stolen credit card details. Many popular shopping carts are being targeted by botnet attacks and one of the most effective means of prevention is velocity checking.

When a valid credit card is detected, it is common for fraudsters to use the credit card details to make small purchases on a merchant’s site. If a small purchase is successful, fraudsters can then proceed to make much larger purchases, a series of micro-purchases or sell the valid card on the dark web.


Challenges for Merchants

Fraudulent purchases are often made on small to medium businesses that don’t have the technology in place to detect or prevent it. Unfortunately for targeted merchants, this means they will likely suffer some challenges when fraudulent purchases prevail.

Chargebacks occur when the original cardholder has recognised fraudulent activity on their account with an unrecognised transaction made to you as the targeted merchant. When a dispute is made by the original cardholder or their bank, and you do not have proper proof that a legitimate sale was made using a PIN or signature, you may be liable to pay back the accepted funds and lose the value of the sale and incur a chargeback fee.

Each successful transaction, no matter how small, will count against the merchant’s chargeback ratio once it’s disputed – and crossing over the excessive chargeback threshold can be extremely costly for merchants. 

This is particularly important for eCommerce and online services, where a physical card is not present. In fact, ‘Card not present’ fraud represents more than 80% of all fraud on Australian cards. When a dispute arises, it is very difficult for an online merchant to prove a legitimate purchase was made. Therefore, it is critical that online merchants have technology in place to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.


Opportunities for Merchants

To avoid liability for fraudulent transactions, merchants must be vigilant in their online payment processes. Some best practices to implement include Firewalls, CAPTCHA, Time out of user session and data validation of guest checkouts. Additionally, one of the best ways to avoid being out of pocket for fraudulent transactions is to partner with a verified payment processor.

Latpay’s fraud management service assists merchants to prevent chargebacks and stop fraud in its tracks. With advanced technology, Latpay can actively set a threshold for individual merchants to detect when unusual activity occurs on their site.

In applying the velocity and value threshold, Latpay reviews the past performance of the merchant to work out transactional averages. Latpays innovative technology has helped assist merchants who have been the victims of botnet attacks to significantly minimise losses.

If you’re a merchant, whether offline or online, it pays to be protected. Learn more about Latpay’s fraud management and get in touch with our team of experts to find out more.

How a Hosted Payment Page can support your club

As clubs continue to shift away from tangible cash payments, innovative hosted payment technology is being widely accepted as a reliable, trustworthy payment system. 

Find out more about what a Hosted Payment Page is and how it can benefit a club just like yours.


What is a Hosted Payment Page?

A Hosted Payment Page is a separately hosted web page that provides clubs with a simple, safe and secure way to process transactions. 

At Latpay, security is at the forefront of everything we do. Our Level 1 PCI Certification holds us accountable to continuously ensure our compliance with the highest standard of data security set by the card industry. 

This level of security means that sensitive payment information is never stored on your servers. Instead, we store your customer data using our PCI accredited encryption. You retain the token number, and we keep the last four digits of the card, so that customer payment information is incredibly difficult to trace. In doing so, your club member’s details are kept to the highest level of security and your site is also PCI compliant.

Not only does this process minimise the risk of fraud, but it also offers members a simple, one-click payment process so there’s no need to enter their card details each time they need to make a payment. This process was developed to ensure the safety of your member’s sensitive information whilst also facilitating hassle-free payments between your members and your clubs. Which means you get paid on time, every time.


What are the benefits of a Hosted Payment Page?

When you choose to use a Hosted Payment Page, not only does the tokenisation feature mean each transaction is held to the highest level, but it also means you can increase repeat business with simple, one-click payments. We also ensure every transaction is checked in real-time by a human so that if any fraudulent behaviour were to present itself, it is identified and rectified immediately.

To ensure your Hosted Payment Page appears to be a legitimate extension of your current site, you have the option to fully customise it in line with your brand/club. This includes your club colours, fonts and logo to ensure alignment between your payment processing page and your club website. This feature nurtures a more relaxed environment so members feel comfortable providing their sensitive information and making repeat purchases.

Finally, our Hosted Payment Pages are a cost-effective way of accepting a range of different payments through your website or mobile site, providing both you and your members with a seamless and convenient checkout process.


Accept payments through your website, hassle-free

With our Hosted Payment Page, you can be sure your club and its members are protected to the highest standard.

Provide your members with a simple way to pay and receive payments on time with your own fully-branded Hosted Payment Page.

You can find out more information about our Hosted Payment Pages or get in touch and speak to one of our friendly team.

We’re on the list of Visa Global Registry of Service Providers

Latpay has once again been recognised for our commitment to PCI compliance. 

This recognition and badge demonstrate our compliance with both the Visa program requirements and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to store, process or transmit Visa cardholder information.

The purpose of the registry is to make it easier for customers to choose the best merchant service provider for their needs.

Our compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is important for three key reasons:


1. Our compliance protects you

Acquiring a compliant merchant service provider ensures that your business is consistently meeting all legal and compliance requirements. 

In order to be cleared to take payments both online and offline, there are a number of criteria that must first be satisfied to ensure your service is safe for your customers. 

Working with Latpay takes the stress out of compliance obligations so you can get back to business.


2. Our compliance protects your customers

As well as meeting all your legal requirements, working with a highly secure and compliant merchant service provider ensures that your customers are protected from theft and fraud. 

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so protecting them against unauthorised transactions is critical. 

Our compliance with the Visa registry reduces your risk. In the case where your system has been breached, Latpay actively mitigates the damage to your business reputation as your card data is not stored internally. 


3. Our compliance ensures your customers’ shop with confidence

The transaction journey should be as seamless as possible, allowing the customer to pay for goods or services without a second thought. 

Offering the highest security measures and trusted payment platforms will provide you and your customers with the peace of mind to shop with absolute confidence.

As a leading Payment and Merchant Service Provider in Australia, UK and Canada, Latpay offers superior fraud management capabilities and data tokenisation services to online businesses around the world.

If you find that your payment service provider isn’t offering you the highest levels of data security and PCI compliance, get in touch.

To learn more, visit the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers.


Validated Service Provider: Lateral Payment Solutions Pty Ltd

Visa Business ID (BID): 10077824

Next Validation Date: 01/31/2022