We’re on the list of Visa Global Registry of Service Providers

Latpay has once again been recognised for our commitment to PCI compliance. 

This recognition and badge demonstrate our compliance with both the Visa program requirements and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to store, process or transmit Visa cardholder information.

The purpose of the registry is to make it easier for customers to choose the best merchant service provider for their needs.

Our compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is important for three key reasons:


1. Our compliance protects you

Acquiring a compliant merchant service provider ensures that your business is consistently meeting all legal and compliance requirements. 

In order to be cleared to take payments both online and offline, there are a number of criteria that must first be satisfied to ensure your service is safe for your customers. 

Working with Latpay takes the stress out of compliance obligations so you can get back to business.


2. Our compliance protects your customers

As well as meeting all your legal requirements, working with a highly secure and compliant merchant service provider ensures that your customers are protected from theft and fraud. 

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so protecting them against unauthorised transactions is critical. 

Our compliance with the Visa registry reduces your risk. In the case where your system has been breached, Latpay actively mitigates the damage to your business reputation as your card data is not stored internally. 


3. Our compliance ensures your customers’ shop with confidence

The transaction journey should be as seamless as possible, allowing the customer to pay for goods or services without a second thought. 

Offering the highest security measures and trusted payment platforms will provide you and your customers with the peace of mind to shop with absolute confidence.

As a leading Payment and Merchant Service Provider in Australia, UK and Canada, Latpay offers superior fraud management capabilities and data tokenisation services to online businesses around the world.

If you find that your payment service provider isn’t offering you the highest levels of data security and PCI compliance, get in touch.

To learn more, visit the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers.


Validated Service Provider: Lateral Payment Solutions Pty Ltd

Visa Business ID (BID): 10077824

Next Validation Date: 01/31/2022