How your club or association can get paid faster, hassle-free

As a club or associations manager, you have far more important things to worry about than chasing up outstanding payments. 

Luckily, with innovative technology, those hours previously invested in managing your organisation’s income streams, can now be focused on driving your businesses goals

Keep reading to find out our five tips for seamless payments so you can spend more time improving the experiences and cash flow of your club. 


Recurring Payments

Make payments easy for members 

Direct debit payments automatically withdraw the agreed amount from a member’s given account on a recurring basis. 

In doing so, you can eliminate the need for handling of cash as well as reduce human error when it comes time to closing your tills. 

Direct debit payments are also a great way to streamline your cash flow and facilitate seasonal renewals. 


Eliminate complex cash management processes 

A direct debit payment system is just as convenient for your members as it is for you, enabling you to simply set it and forget it. 

Latpay’s real-time reporting allows you to manage your club’s transactions, refunds and batch payments (e.g. staff payroll) and view daily balance and payout reports. 

This set and forget mentality and increased visibility of transactions saves time, energy and money so you can get back to putting effort into what’s really important – your club and the community. 


Agree on clear payment terms 

Agreeing on clear payment terms ensures your members understand their obligations and continue to meet them. 


Establish a payment arrangement with a limited number of debtor days 

When making a payment arrangement, ensure that you minimise the debtor days. 

In other words, keep the days between when the member is invoiced and when they need to have paid you to a minimum.


Hosted Payment Pages

Accept payments through your website

Hosted Payment Pages. are a cost-effective solution for accepting payments via your website or mobile device.

You can completely customise your Hosted Payments Page to your brand and brand colours so members don’t notice the redirection to our securely hosted PCI compliant environment.


PCI Compliant Protection

Every transaction that passes through a Latpay Hosted Payment Page is covered with PCI Level 1 Certification.

This means that the sensitive information each customer provides when processing a payment is fully encrypted and secure.


Seamless and Convenient Checkout Process

Once your member has used the secure Hosted Payment Page once, they can opt to have their payment details stored and therefore, only use one-click every time they want to make a payment (for upcoming competitions, etc).

Integrating a Hosted Payments Page is a solution that works for clubs big and small, and can be up and running within 24 hours. 


Payments made easy with Latpay 

Recurring payments and Hosted Payment Pages are designed to make accepting payments easy for your club and/or association.

To find out how to get your system up and running for, contact us today

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