How a Hosted Payment Page can support your club

As clubs continue to shift away from tangible cash payments, innovative hosted payment technology is being widely accepted as a reliable, trustworthy payment system. 

Find out more about what a Hosted Payment Page is and how it can benefit a club just like yours.


What is a Hosted Payment Page?

A Hosted Payment Page is a separately hosted web page that provides clubs with a simple, safe and secure way to process transactions. 

At Latpay, security is at the forefront of everything we do. Our Level 1 PCI Certification holds us accountable to continuously ensure our compliance with the highest standard of data security set by the card industry. 

This level of security means that sensitive payment information is never stored on your servers. Instead, we store your customer data using our PCI accredited encryption. You retain the token number, and we keep the last four digits of the card, so that customer payment information is incredibly difficult to trace. In doing so, your club member’s details are kept to the highest level of security and your site is also PCI compliant.

Not only does this process minimise the risk of fraud, but it also offers members a simple, one-click payment process so there’s no need to enter their card details each time they need to make a payment. This process was developed to ensure the safety of your member’s sensitive information whilst also facilitating hassle-free payments between your members and your clubs. Which means you get paid on time, every time.


What are the benefits of a Hosted Payment Page?

When you choose to use a Hosted Payment Page, not only does the tokenisation feature mean each transaction is held to the highest level, but it also means you can increase repeat business with simple, one-click payments. We also ensure every transaction is checked in real-time by a human so that if any fraudulent behaviour were to present itself, it is identified and rectified immediately.

To ensure your Hosted Payment Page appears to be a legitimate extension of your current site, you have the option to fully customise it in line with your brand/club. This includes your club colours, fonts and logo to ensure alignment between your payment processing page and your club website. This feature nurtures a more relaxed environment so members feel comfortable providing their sensitive information and making repeat purchases.

Finally, our Hosted Payment Pages are a cost-effective way of accepting a range of different payments through your website or mobile site, providing both you and your members with a seamless and convenient checkout process.


Accept payments through your website, hassle-free

With our Hosted Payment Page, you can be sure your club and its members are protected to the highest standard.

Provide your members with a simple way to pay and receive payments on time with your own fully-branded Hosted Payment Page.

You can find out more information about our Hosted Payment Pages or get in touch and speak to one of our friendly team.