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Developing a Bulletproof Go-To-Market Strategy

Whether you’re a start-up company or you’re looking to expand your product or service offering, you’ll need a bulletproof go-to-market strategy to ensure the success of your launch. Follow this in-depth guide on the benefits of a well-executed plan as well as the things you should consider when creating an effective strategy.   What is […]

Why you need to set up your online store

COVID-19 has well and truly defined and transformed the year 2020. Gatherings have dwindled from hundreds of people to single digits and restrictions remain volatile. Australians have had to adapt quickly to social distancing rules and limit their time spent out and about in the community.  With these adaptations, we’re seeing consumers changing the way […]

Payment and identity verification with blockchain & biometrics

How does your business manage customer data and identification?  As one of the most secure methods of data protection available, blockchain technology has quickly become the industry standard for securely accessing customer information and ensuring it never falls into the wrong hands.  Harnessing this best-of-breed encryption technology, our partners at Nuggets have developed an innovative […]

Crafting a solid omnichannel strategy for your retail business

There is an ever-increasing push from customers to continuously improve customer service efforts and to satisfy their wants and needs as best and as quickly as possible.  This is especially important for businesses operating in the incredibly competitive retail industry.  Consumers nowadays want to shop when they want, how they want and where they want […]